Males can have different names with some amazing meanings. Here we will let you know some different names that suit the personality of males. A male can have a name that means strength and power. Using this name then can have a powerful personality. Also, you can have an amazing name which means a Warrior so that they can lead their life successfully. You can have a name that stands for a Righteous, Nobel, and brave soldier. Males can also have that have the meaning of lavish and bright face. This name will suit the personality of a male. You can also choose a name which has a meaning of Giver, Generous, Handsome. It will make your personality more handsome and awesome. A Male can get a beautiful name that means King, Emperor, Ruler, Monarch. There are various names that suit the personality of a male like you can choose a name that means Kindhearted, Compassionate, Spiritual, As Pure Spirits.

Name Meaning Details
Aalam Universe View Details
Aali Lofty View Details
Aarav Peaceful; Calm Sound View Details
Aaron Exalted View Details
Aaryan Indo-European View Details
Aba Father View Details
Abay Talented View Details
Abba Father View Details
Abbas Austere View Details
Abbott Head Of A Monastery View Details
Abdalah Servant Of Allah View Details
Abdiel Servant Of God View Details
Abdon Servant View Details
Abdukrahman Servant Of The Most Gracious View Details
Abdul Servant Of View Details

Along with this, a male can also have chosen the name with a meaning of Great Beneficence, Charity, Favor, Graceful Man. Along with this, you can also select the names with the meaning of Acceptance, Good Will, Name Of The Keeper Of The Gates Of Heaven it will surely make you the religious person. Another one like Riverbank, Coast, Shore, Guide, Leader will go for males. Moreover, the names with the meaning of Life, Long-Lived, Intelligent Man will surely make you an intelligent male. If you want to get a religious life then you can go for the name with the meaning of Cool Breeze, Night Breeze, A Servant Of Sultan Mehmood. Also, you can choose Vigilant, Watchman, Cultivator, Agnomen Of Lion it suits a strong man. Names have a great impact on our life they can give us a prosperous and successful life and on the same side, they can give us very bad impact also. You should know the best alphabets that are lucky for you before selecting your name. Here we have discussed the best names for males. We have discussed different meanings of names that are best for the males and in addition to it, we have listed the most amazing and best names that suit the personality of males. The names that will give you strength, health, success, prosperity, beauty, blessings, fortunate are highlighted in this article. All of these are the best names for males.