Leo comes with the element of Fire. They are known as the best dynamic, jolly, self-confident, and dominant people. They are powerful and really active like their status "king of the jungle". Leo is loyal and sincere in every relationship they have in life. They are the best example of the jolliest and friendly person in the world. They make collaborate with different people in life and love to make new relationships. They are the most talkative person and we never get bored when we are in the surrounding of Leo. They are warm-hearted and sweet in nature. People love to make good friends with Leo because of their sweet loving nature. Leo is intelligent and because of their intelligence, they easily solve the most difficult situation in their life. They always use their mind before making any decision in life. They are quite emotional but they always take the decision from their wise mind rather than their heart. Leo never hesitates from anyone they easily say everything they want or need from someone without any problem. They are the best listeners we can share anything with them because they are always available to listen and give us a good piece of advice. They are the best partners to hang around with while shopping or watching movies they will give you the best quality time.

Leo tells us the story of bravery. They are the bravest and strong people in the world. No matter what the situation is they always face the difficult situation in life with strength and confidence. When we talk about the relationship of Leo we come to know that Leo proves to be the best romantic, sincere, caring, and loving partner. They are always loyal, generous, and respectful of their loved ones. They love to get pampered by the partner and always want something different from them. Choosing a partner they always want an intelligent, smart, and caring partner in life. Leo fights for themselves and they don't need anyone else to stay by themselves in the worst situation of life. Leo is a reliable and the most trustworthy person. We can share anything we want because they are the best secret keeper. They will keep your secrets throughout their life. They never stay alone because of their friendly nature. There is always a high energy level in Leo and they always use their energy at the right place. Leo loves peace and they always want a life full of peace and happiness. They never compromise their happiness for anyone in this world.

Leo men are the most straightforward and predictable people. He loves to make new relations with loyalty and sincerity. He is the most confident man in the world who faces everything in life with confidence and strength. Leo man never hesitates of saying anything to his loved ones. They are always dramatic, aggressive, and fearless in life. Leo man is warm-hearted and very soft toward his loved ones. He is always passionate about life and loves to face different things in life with passion. With his high-level passion, we achieve different goals very easily. When it comes to feelings Leo men are sensitive and they get easily hurt. from the people, they expect a lot. Sometimes Leo men become demanding, intolerant, domineering, lazy, and egotistical towards different situations. These are the worst traits that we face when we are in a relationship with a Leo man. Leo women are the most fearless and confident people we can ever meet in our life. She is positive in life and she always take out the good from the bad. Just because of her loving, caring and jolly nature she becomes the center of attention of everyone. She is ambitious in life and always achieves her goals in life with hard work and sincerity towards her work. Leo women always have a high level of expectations from her loved ones and sometimes she gets hurt just because of her expectations from others. Regarding her partner sometimes she becomes sensitive and jealous of her partner. She is romantic, caring, and sweet with her partner in crime. Leo women are the real lioness who rule the world according to their desires.

Name Meaning Details
Aaliyah High View Details
Aamina Secured View Details
Aarav Peaceful; Calm Sound View Details
Abba Father View Details
Abbatha Combination Of Abby And Tabitha View Details
Abbott Head Of A Monastery View Details
Abdul Servant Of View Details
Abeeku Born On Wednesday View Details
Abeje We Asked To Have This One View Details
Abelina A Breath View Details
Abena Born On Tuesday View Details
Abetzi Autumn Leaf View Details
Abhinav New; Special View Details
Abihail Resolute View Details
Abrina From The River Severn View Details

Leo neutral person is really different from others. They never expect anything from anyone and always remain in their own shell. They are an energetic, optimistic, and fun-loving person. Names have a deep effect on our life. So, you should know the best alphabets according to your zodiac before selecting your name. The best and lucky alphabet for Leo is B, Y, L, and A. On the other side H and R not good for a successful life. When you use the letter A you get a prosperous life for sure. Keep these lines in mind while choosing the name for Leo.