Every parent cherishes the moment of naming their child. One of the largest turning points in a parent's life is naming their child, which also establishes their identity. In Armenia, baby boys' and girls' traditional names typically refer to ancestry or valiant historical people. Armenian baby names serve as a reminder of an ancient people whose tenacity and fortitude overcome oppression, terror, and Stalin's Great Purge.

Some of these names are derived from other cultures, from the natural world, or the Bible. Modern Armenian names can be derived from a variety of occupations, noble ranks, individual traits, and geographical regions. We can better comprehend Armenian baby naming customs by looking at this thorough list of names for both boys and girls.

The Best Armenian Names You'll Adore

Armenia is a small but historically significant nation in the Caucasus. Armenia has a rich history because it was one of the first nations to adopt Christianity. As a result, many different people and civilizations have called Armenia home. Armenian names are lovely and have a variety of meanings as a result. You may have noticed that many Armenian surnames, like the Kardashians, end in "ian." This is so because "ian" denotes ownership or affiliation.

Some Armenian names are quite unusual and are only found in certain regions, while others are very prevalent and connect to old Gods and Goddesses. There are many names to be inspired by, whether they are well-known, adorable, or original. Armenians adore a few unique baby names that are charming, wonderful, and renowned.

An Armenian name can have a variety of meanings, frequently connected to places, biblical female and male names, aristocratic Armenian names for boys and girls, and character attributes.

When Should You Start Thinking About Baby Names?

The selection of baby names should start as quickly as possible. The more time you have to consider your options, the less stressful the decision-making process will be. Of course, if you and your spouse make decisions quickly, you might only need a short while to choose a unique baby name.

If it was expected to take longer, you would be better off starting sooner. Once the correct name has been determined, you can check that item off your list.

How Long Do You Think You Can Go Without Naming a Child?

How long can you wait to name your child if your baby is already here and you're having trouble coming up with the perfect and unique baby name? Depending on the place you live, this will change. You have time until your child's first birthday in the UK to choose a name. The birth must be recorded by six weeks, although a newborn does not need to have a name to be registered.

Before leaving the hospital, parents in the US typically write their child's name on the birth certificate paperwork. You'll get a call after you leave the hospital if you don't do this. Parents in Australia have up to six months to select a name for their child.

Names of Armenian Girls

Given the diversity of the nation, Armenian female names are among the loveliest. There are many unique baby names for girls since so many various civilizations have settled there and because it is one of the oldest countries in the world. Armenian female names frequently connect to beauty in a variety of ways, often have biblical allusions, and others are of Arabic and Greek origin.

Names of Armenian Boys

Armenian boy names are just as rich, unique, and profound as Armenian girl names. Even well-known Armenians are included in our list. There are occasionally other ways to spell this name. This is because one spelling is more common in Western Armenia than the other in Eastern Armenia.

These are some of the most well-liked Armenian baby names for boys and girls, and they come from a variety of historical and cultural backgrounds. Armenia is a small country, but it has a long and lively past, thus the history of Armenian names is very fascinating. The Armenian name is significant because it fosters a sense of belonging to one's nation and culture.

Name Meaning Details
Alara Water Fairy View Details
Anahid Stainless View Details
Anoush Sweet View Details
Antranig First Son View Details
Aram Royal Highness View Details
Armen Armenian View Details
Artaxiad Descendant Of The Joyous Light View Details
Avak Great View Details
Avedis Glad Tidings View Details
Bedros Stone View Details
Borna Youthful View Details
Carnig Small Lamb View Details
Caroun Spring View Details
Derenik Monk View Details
Deron Belongs To God View Details

Did you recognize any of these names from Armenia?

Have you previously seen the names of Armenians with the most frequent surnames? Did any of them catch you off guard? Although you may have heard some of these Armenian names on occasion, it's possible that you were unaware that they were Armenian names. However, it's also possible that we won't simply find names that are generally used for Armenian people on the list of the most popular Armenian names.

What Purpose Does an Armenian Name Serve?

You might find it beneficial to know which Armenian names are still most frequently used in Armenia now for whatever reason. We at firstnam.es provide you with the most recent list of the most common names for people in Armenia, whether you need it for mere curiosity, research for a statistical project, to name your baby an Armenian name, or even to give an Armenian character in a book or movie more realistic.

Armenian Names May Vary Depending on Trends

Another explanation for why names that are not typical of Armenia can be found on the list of the most popular baby names in Armenia is that as a result of globalization, more and more parents are choosing to give their children names that they like, regardless of whether those names are customary in their country or not.

Thus, if a non-Armenian character had gained enormous popularity in Armenia, many parents might have chosen to name their children after that character, and as a result, it would now be included on this list of trendy Armenian names.

To Sum It Up!

Not because there aren't enough Armenian names, but because finding them can be difficult. A rich history, a religious culture, and a diaspora of (great) individuals are shared by many awesome Armenian names. As a result, it's possible that you won't be able to choose only one or two names.

Our list of well-known Armenian baby names will lead you through centuries of Armenian heritage and provide you with the best options, from the traditional and contemporary to the unusual. For the top boy and girl Armenian names for your child, keep reading.