Why wouldn't you love France? It is a nation that has pioneered a variety of fields, including fine art, fashion, food, and more. In addition to the wonderful culture, it has given us, France is a great source of ideas for baby names. French baby names for boys and girls are incredibly stylish and frequently have deep meanings to match.

A French baby name won't let you down, whether you are of French origin or are simply a Francophile through and through. Check out our selection of French names for boys and girls, as well as French baby names that are appropriate for both genders, whatever your motivations may be for looking for a French name for your child.

Beautiful French Baby Names That Are Ideal for Your Baby

It's simple to picture the Eiffel Tower, a plethora of romantic locales, stunning scenery, and a thriving culture when thinking about France. It makes sense that a nation filled with such beauty would have equally seductive names. Given that French is a language of love, French baby boy and baby girl names are as delicious as France's world-famous Champagne, baguettes, and fine cheeses.

Speaking of those lovely French baby names, you might delve into the histories of Colette, Chanel, and Amora. However, male names also have a lot to offer, so don't panic. For your adorable baby boy, think about Dax or Bellamy as options. Due to the nature of the French language, they are all lovely to utter, so take pleasure in how they sound.

Some parents prefer French baby names because of how charming they sound, but it also makes perfect sense to be inspired by the vibrant culture when choosing a name for your new baby. Given the age of French civilization, every name has significance. You may quickly come up with a beautiful French name that exudes European charm by reading through it and giving them a try.

Have you been contemplating French names for your newborn? You've come to the perfect site if you're seeking a kid name with a certain something, whether you have French ancestry or not. In this list of French baby names, there are many choices that you can use as either the baby's first name or middle name. We have categories for names that are trendy, original, adorable, lovely, beautiful, and vintage.

Name Meaning Details
Aadi Beginning View Details
Abelard Brave Abel View Details
Abrielle God Is My Strength View Details
Acadia Idyllic Place View Details
Aceline Noble At Birth View Details
Adelie Noble View Details
Afrodille Daffodil View Details
Aimee Beloved Friend View Details
Aimon House View Details
Alain Little Rock View Details
Alaina Feminine Form Of Alain View Details
Albertine Noble View Details
Alexandre Defender Of The People View Details
Alezae Gentle Trade Wind View Details
Aliane Noble & Gracious View Details

In France, a woman does not adopt her husband's surname when she marries. Instead, women adopt their husbands' surname as a "user name" and keep their surname as their legal name, which is used on official documents.

Additionally, anyone can choose a "user name" and use it in their everyday life so long as it is not done for illicit purposes. Here are our top picks if you're thinking about giving your child a French last name as a first name, are curious about last names in general, or wish to acquire a French surname.

The Meanings of French Last Names and Surnames

Even the most common names in French sound elegant and beautiful. Here are some of our favorite French last names that make us long for a name with such a classy sound.

1. Allaire

People from the town of the same name use the surname Allaire. The Allaire family created two branches in North America. In 1658, one Allaire migrated to New Rochelle, New York, and the other to Quebec, New France.

2. Couture

Old French for "tailor" is "couture." The Fédération française de la couture is in charge of enforcing the legal protection of the phrase "haut couture" in France. Each year, fashion houses are evaluated to see if they qualify for the categorization.

3. Archambault

The name Archambault, which means "bold master," comes from the Germanic language. The biggest French-language online store in North America is Archambault.ca. They sell a variety of books, toys, games, and other media in French, but their main focus is on musical instruments, sheet music, and music reference books.

4. Fournier

The surname Fournier is used for bakers. Spain's Fournier Museum of Playing Cards is located in Vitoria. It was initially a private collection that the government acquired and designated as having substantial cultural interest. There are nearly 20,000 decks of cards in the exhibit.

5. François

Frenchman is the meaning of the name François. Elvis Francois, an orthopedic surgeon from America, is also referred to as Dr. Elvis. He appeared on The Masked Singer, released charity eps to support Covid relief efforts, and was named the sexiest man alive by People Magazine in 2020.

6. Aubert

Aubert, the French equivalent of Albert, is a noble and brilliant name. From the town of Thionville in northeastern France's Lorraine area, Jean Aubert was a businessman. Aubert was admitted to the noble classes in 1612, and his offspring rose to nobility in Norway and Denmark.

7. Laurent

Laurent is a French name that means laurel. French fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent, known for the wearability of his creations, was the first living designer to be recognized at the Metropolitan Museum of Art with an exhibition.

8. Babin

The French word for Babylon, which means "gate of gods," is called "Babin." A satirical literary society called The Babin Republic was established in Babin, Poland, in 1568. They were The Onion or Mad Magazine of their era. Omnis Homo Mendax, which translates as "every man is a liar," is their motto in Latin.

9. Noyer

French for walnut is noyer. The Galacian name Nogueira, which means walnut tree, is transliterated as Noyer. Consequently, someone who lived close to walnut trees was given the name Noyer.

10. Vincent

The Latin name Vincentius means to conquer. Vincent is a popular surname in both France and Italy. It is also a forename. The Sopranos, Goodfellas, Raging Bull, and Casino are among the films in which American actor Frank Vincent is best remembered.

Summing It Up!

There is no denying the beauty of French baby names. The name-giving process is made easier by the language's lovely "ee" sounds and doubles of the letters "n" and "l." Accent marks are commonly used in French baby names, giving them distinctive pronunciations and spellings. These names, albeit French, might be appropriate for a baby of any country whose parents choose a name with a delicate cadence and a meaningful connotation.

We have names that are likely to fit your baby girl, whether you wish to honor the French ancestry of your family or you simply enjoy the melodious sounds of the French language. These French names are not only beautiful in sound and appearance, but they also have unique meanings that are certain to fit your child.