Greek names include options from classical mythology as well as contemporary Greek names that are both well-known to English speakers and those mostly used in Greece. Greek baby names are increasingly common in nurseries and on playgrounds all over the world as legendary and classic names gain in popularity.

The top 200 girls' Greek names in the US are Alexandra, Chloe, Katherine, Sophia, and Zoe. The top 300 American boys' names in the Greek language are Alexander, Andrew, Elias, Lucas, and Phoenix. Popular names in Greece include Vasiliki, Nicholas, Eleni, and Constantine.

Many Greek baby names have left their native country of Greece and traveled all over the world. However, there are also Greek names gaining popularity that are more obviously Greek, including Cassia and Ione for girls and Homer and Linus for boys. Here is our entire selection of Greek names for your child are something you're considering.

Leading Greek Names for Your Little One

Greek girl names can be chosen for babies for a variety of reasons, just like the names themselves. If you're looking for a name with some history, well, you'll find one here! The Ancient Greek civilization was established in about the 12th century BC.

Another possibility is that you have a particular interest in contemporary Greece due to a favorite Greek holiday or your love of souvlaki and baklava. Or perhaps you're just looking for a name with a Mediterranean flair. We have you covered no matter why you're selecting one of the many Greek baby girl names. Here is the list of Greek baby names you need to find the ideal name for your new baby, from Athena to Zina, Yolanda to Circe.

Greek baby names have been a popular trend for parents looking for baby name inspiration, and we can't say we're all that upset about it. These strong baby names have a rich history and equally remarkable meanings, which give them a significant punch. Greek names have a lot of history behind them because there's a strong probability that one of the gods wore them at some point in antiquity. Trying toward Greece for options gives endless candidates, whether mom or dad are looking to honor their family background or considering a strong moniker for their little one.


The stunning coastal nation has a rich history and mythology that can provide endless inspiration. The beautiful ancient language offers a wide variety of wearable baby names for both tiny girls and boys, but some of the goddess names are harder to carry off than others (Aphrodite, anyone?).

Not only are there gorgeous unisex options, but there are also many manly and feminine ideas to encourage expectant parents among mythological figures and antiquated terminology. Take a look at our top 50 Greek baby names for both girls and boys, and good luck choosing only one!

Greek baby names have such lovely histories to tell, and their poetic sounds are infused with a wealth of mythology and history. While traditional Greek baby names are always a good choice, there are a ton of other possibilities besides the norms like Penelope and Alex. Check out our list of the cutest—and most empowering—Greek baby names for your child boy or girl if you or your partner are of Greek origin, have fond memories of Greece, or are just smitten with the classics.

Name Meaning Details
Acacia Thorny Tree View Details
Acantha Thorn View Details
Accalia Mythical Greek Name View Details
Achaia Grief View Details
Achaicus Sorrowing View Details
Achelous Greek God Of Rivers And Water View Details
Achilles Pain View Details
Adelphie Sister View Details
Admetus Untamed View Details
Adonia Feast Of Adonis View Details
Adonis Lord View Details
Adrastea Should Not Run View Details
Adrasteia Will Not Run View Details
Adrastos Should Not Run View Details
Adria Person From Hadria (Northern Italy) View Details

Greek Boy's Names

Apollo: There is a ton of amazing symbolism to be drawn from Apollo's role as the god of prophecy, healing, music, art, law, beauty, and knowledge in Greek mythology. When your little guy is around 2 years old, when the name means "destroyer," it will make the most sense!

Hermes: He was a polytheistic god who was associated with many things, including commerce, money, fortune, fertility, sleep, language, and travel. If that isn't a promising sign for a son, we don't know what is! The moniker "the messenger" is another name for Hermes. The name is spelled phonetically as "HER-meez," but if spoken differently as "air-MAZE," it can be associated with the well-known designer.

Ilya: which means "the Lord is my God," is a wonderful and uncommon religious boy's name with roots in both Russian and Greek culture.

Jericho: The Greek translation of the biblical place name Jericho, which has several different sources, is "moon city."

Nikolas: Another popular name for Greek infant boys is Nikolas, which has just barely ranked among the top 500 names in American popularity. The name's Greek translation is "people's victory."

Greek Girl's Names

Calandra: It is a rare Greek girl's name that translates to "lark." A female should always have a natural name, and this one is very unique and lovely. With this versatile Greek baby name, she can be called Cala, Callie, Lan, or Andra with ease.

Dorothea: This is undoubtedly a baby name for your little girl if you grew up enjoying The Wizard of Oz and have a penchant for all things Greek. The name Dorothea, which means "gift of God," is just sufficiently distinct from the Americanized Dorothy to make your unborn daughter feel unique.

Konstantina: It's a mouthful, but we like it.  Big, brash baby names aren't for everyone, but if you like long, flowing names, think about this Greek version of Constantine, which is a translation of the Latin word for "steadfast"

Ophelia: She wasn't a Greek goddess, despite what many people think. But the tragic heroine in Shakespeare's play Hamlet was given this charming Greek name for girls that means "help." It is listed in the U.S. Top 1,000, thus it is not unheard of but is nonetheless unusual. Fifi would also make a wonderfully adorable nickname!

Sophelia: Is Ophelia getting there, but just barely? Think about this trendy Greek girl's name that bridges the gap between that name and the more well-known Sophia. It means "knowledge, assistance" in Greek.

Summing It Up!

Greek baby names have such lovely histories to tell, and their poetic sounds are infused with a wealth of mythology and history. Although a traditional Greek baby name is a safe bet, there are many other options available. Check out our list of the cutest and most empowering Greek baby names for your child boy or girl if you or your partner are of Greek origin, have fond memories of Greece, or are just smitten with the classics.